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There are a couple of points in the Wills that I write that many people need explaining to them, generally legal words or paragraphs, if you read something in your Will that you’re not sure about, it might be explained better below:


The Guardianship clause in Joint Wills needs to be read with the understanding that, if your will is being read, it means you are dead, many people query this because they do not have that concept in their minds when reading the clause.

Per Stirpes

This is a little bit of legal Latin, it literally means “by branch” but in legal terms it refers to someone’s bloodline. Usually it is used in Wills to ensure that if a Beneficiary is already dead at the time a will is being read then their bloodline children inherit their share. Not step-children, bloodline only.

Definition of your Estate

The wording in your Will says property, legally this means everything that belongs to you, modern interpretation very often makes people think that it only refers to your house, not so, it also includes bank accounts, cars, furniture, shares etc. This section is in every Will.

Administration of Your Estate

Again, this section is in all Wills that I write and tells your Executors what to do in the event of your death.

Standard Provisions

Again, this is in all Wills written by me and ensures that your Executors act within the law in the best interest of your Beneficiaries.

Words that you might not be familiar with:

Executor – the person or people who you trust to ensure that everything written in your will happens. (male or plural)
Executrix – As above but female

Testator – you (male)
Testatrix – you (female)

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