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Telephone Wills
Call during office hours on
01305 774786

Telephone Wills are available during normal office hours and particularly suit busy people who want to ask advice and have re-assurance about the many complex issues surrounding inheritance tax, protection of assets, Executorship, Guardianship and Trusts etc.

Quite simply call me on 01305 774786 and I’ll go through all the necessary details over the telephone with you right there and then.

Single Telephone Will £79 each
Mirror Telephone Wills £99 per pair
Single Telephone Will with Trusts in £199 each
Mirror Telephone Wills with Trusts in £279 per pair

The Trust prices include all and any Trusts that you may want building into your Wills to ensure protection from Inheritance Tax, Care Home costs and the assured care of underage or disabled children or relatives these prices also cover Wills that are arranged by e-mail rather than telephone.

All major credit cards are accepted and I comply with the Data Protection Act in relation to all areas of privacy, confidentiality and card detail protection.

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